Kalimpong stories

Kalimpong stories

The experienced traveller knows that only through deep conversations with locals can one truly learn something new and hear the stories that give them true insight and empathy to a place and culture that they have visited. When was the last time you heard a good story on your travels? Someone has correctly said that while travelling – only in the home of a local can you have the best conversations and hear the best stories.

Here at our Home, we believe in the power of stories and share them generously with all our guests. There are a hundred stories waiting to be told – there is the story of a famous Russian painter who is said to have fled Russia after the Russian Revolution of 1917 and come to Kalimpong with his young wife and 2 sons. Would you like to hear the story of how two rivers in love gave up their heavenly immortality to meet as mortals at the confluence not far from here. And sshhh ….. did you know Kalimpong was known as the den of spies?

When you come and stay with us, be assured of being treated to a few stories as old as these hills itself, while you sit snug under a blanket around a crackling bonfire accompanied by a gentle breeze and a night sky full of twinkling stars….and if you listen carefully you might hear the echoes of clanging bells of the pack mules from Tibet as they made their way on the ancient silk route that passed by our house.

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