Learn cooking & baking

Neena’s Kitchen delivers cooking and baking workshops where you learn specific dishes and baked items that you can then go back and impress your fiends and family! Our classic baking classes for beginners and advanced learners have garnered excited reviews along with our Little Chef baking camp for children from ages of 8 to 15. We have also conducted baking classes for the staff families of one of India’s largest private tea companies and for a newly launched bakery chain.

Our ethnic food workshop for visitors to the darjeeling hills is a fun experience. There are few better ways to understand the culture of a region than by learning and experiencing its food. The day starts early with the group congregating at either the hotel or at Neena’s Kitchen by 9 am. After a 30 minute overview of the food culture of this region, you will be taken to visit Kalimpong’s bustling ‘haat bazaar’, the town’s grocery market, to touch, smell and pick the local produce of the region. The market days are Wednesdays and Saturdays, however it is open on all days except on Thursdays. After selecting the produce, back at Neena’s Kitchen you will learn how to prepare some of the marquee ethnic dishes of the local people which are deeply influenced by Lepcha, Tibetan, Nepalese and Bhutanese cultures. Your culinary journey ends with an ethnic buffet lunch, where the dishes you have helped prepare, are served along with the meal.

We require a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 persons to conduct a cooking or baking class.

Catering services

No occasion is a complete success without your guests having enjoyed their food. Neena’s Kitchen provides that exclusive food experience for your special or official occasions. Cuisine is flexible and can include items from our bakery such as anniversary cakes, pastries, etc. We request you to contact us at least 7 days in advance, if not more, to discuss your requirement. Based on your occasion, venue and profile of your guests, we can help you tailor that gastronomic experience that will be remembered and talked about long after your function is over.

Advisory services

We love sharing our knowledge and experience and encouraging our clients to be the best. We feel there is immense potential for our region to be a world-class tourist destination and that besides government infrastructure we need the private sector to offer many more high quality tourism products than those that we have today. We encourage the development of new offerings in hill tourism and Himalayan hospitality and passionately support any venture that is committed to offering its best. Many times a promoters biggest challenge is in execution. We provide support by way of consultancy on the set-up or the streamlining of hospitality & food operations. We advise on the development of customized food menus, training of staff, streamlining of housekeeping operations, interior decorations, managing guest experience, and giving your establishment that extra bit of polish to shine amongst the best.

Please contact us to know how we can help you.